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Awesome Interior Design Trends For The Winter 2020/21

We can all agree that in 2020, we overworked and over-used every single thing in our homes, especially in the living room. Come 2021 – it is only fair that we make some upgrades for better living conditions.

What are the four major things to update in your living room?

Paint on the walls and window trim

Painting the interior window trim and living room walls will refresh a living area’s style without investing a lot of cash. Over time, window trims and borders get rusty, discolored, and the paint flakes.

A fresh coat of paint immediately restores it and provides the living room with a simple overhaul. Try painting the trim in an accent color instead of white, based on the room’s theme.

Update and upgrade your sofa

After a while, especially in a full house, you will notice that seats sag, the fabrics have faded and stained, or even the frames are broken. This is a clear sign that your living room needs a sofa update or an upgrade.

While at it, make sure to add throw pillows for that modern and stylish look. Mix-and-match designs and fabrics of solid color furniture, with single-colour pillows in matching tones, blend in with the rest of the furniture. For example, let the new sofa blend with the your TV stand.


Art, in the form of photos or painting, boosts your capacity to love. Having a few art pieces in the living room brings out your personality and your outlook on life. It challenges your intellect by helping you reflect on your actions, thoughts, emotions, and life encounters, forcing you to push yourself to be better.

Pick two or three art pieces that are sentimental to you and blend them with your living room theme.

Floating shelves

Having large floor shelves in the living area is quickly becoming a cliché. Modernize your living area by trading big bookshelves for floating shelves. This can be in different designs put strategically on different sides of the living room walls.

It is most convenient because you can put anything on them without limiting the aesthetic aspect of the shelf, for example. You can put books, vases, word plaques, and other art forms and still maintain that elegant look.

Floating shelves and TV stand are highly recommended because they are classy and take up less space leaving your living room with a roomy feel.

After the kitchen, the living room is the most visited and used part of the house. Keeping it up to date should be your number one priority.

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