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Breakfast Nook Ideas for Modern and Traditional Homes

We love waking to a nice breakfast in a space that encourages a fabulous vibe throughout the day. In this case, a breakfast nook is a perfect space to sit and relax as you enjoy your first day’s meal. The good thing is, you don’t need a big room to install one. On the contrary, you only need a small corner or space. Below are various ideas you can copy or take inspiration from.

Forge a Built-In Seating

Suppose you live in a rental where you have no much power to change how the house looks. You can create an illusion of a breakfast nook by adding two benches that create a 90-degree angle. Then, add a table and enough chairs to achieve the trick.

Go for a Rustic and Colorful Look

Your ideal breakfast nook should feel homely and relaxing. That’s why a colorful rustic look is vital as it encourages good moods and relieves stress. So get a long wooden bench and a table. Remember to add decorative flowers on the top of the table as flowers are known to improve your mood.

Also, look for a bright paint color to add to the corner you’re installing the breakfast nook. If the nook is away from the window, or if your room is dark, consider adding a pendant above the table to increase brightness. Also, add several bright cushions to make the area more comfortable and welcoming.

Add Color to Cohesion Space

Suppose your nook stand next to something you don’t want to change. It could be a beautiful wallpaper that you recently installed. Instead of bringing down the paper, you can add a similar color to that of the wallpaper to cohesion space.

Small and Cozy Nook

Having a small room shouldn’t stop you from having a nook. Find a window that lets in most light. Set a nook there and include rustic style. Cushion the seat to make it comfortable. However, you need to be more careful with a small space because you can end up cramping it instead of achieving a comfortable room. Be minimalist.

Turn Unused Corner into a Nook

You likely have an unused corner that can fit at least two people. So get a round table and two to three seats and turn the corner into a relaxing space. For your furniture, ensure it matches or blends in with the color on the wall. Ensure the color of your chairs match. If they don’t, paint them with a warm color. For example, you can paint a marigold that matches the sun. Also, hang a positive message on the wall.

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Cozy Nook, Interior Design

Cozy and Relaxing Reading Nook Ideas

It is not easy to find a perfect reading spot. If you are an avid reader, you are aware that a proper setting is very critical when it comes to reading. Whether you prefer to lounge against a sunny window ledge, hang in an outdoor bed or hammock, hole up in a library wall, or select a special reading space, you can select your ideal reading nook and pick the best for you.

Convert your closet

If you have a spare closet, you may consider making it a haven for reading, not a space to put your junk. You can make clever use of the close and design it into a perfect reading corner. You might even try to install a comfortable built-in bench with spacious storage space below to store your books.

Renovate extra space

In case your home has an odd tiny nook, don’t allow that area to go to waste. You can install a comfortable bench, fix the lights, and even change the paint to give the space a cozy and relaxing feel. You may design your closet or that unused corner and make the space look like it was designed to be there all along.

Create a charming outdoor hideaway

A reading nook does not have to be indoors; you can create a simple but creative outdoor reading nook by the porch or under a bush. An outdoor reading nook can make a perfect hideout from the noisy neighbor and a place where you can spend time with your kids. Be inventive and create a dreamy hideaway tucked away from your house.

Construct a built-in bench

You may consider making use of what was once wasted area to create a unique reading corner. You can fix a built-in bench under the staircase and create a unique space where you can relax as you meditate, take a nap or peruse through your favorite book. The bench should have a storage space to store your books, blankets, pillows, extra linen, and much more.

Build a portable reading nook

You can construct a DIY utility cart that you can use to tuck your books to help you make use of available small space in your house. That way, you can transform any old and unused bed, chair, or lounger and create a personal reading corner. It is an excellent way to showcase your creativity.

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